Bouncer - a game for all age groups, most importantly to love sports and combat sports. Your goal in the game - to become a better fighter. For this, a player, there are various sports equipment, a unique set of exercises, such as gymnastics, exercises with dumbbells, a barbell, asanas. Performing exercises and working with you to develop important parameters: Sile, Dexterity, Willpower, coordination, endurance.

Unique system of the game character, allows for every taste and color to develop a fighter.

Is the basis of all combat training. The player is given the opportunity to study and train real punches and kicks, to choose the strike zone, and of course a deliberate and carefully choose the style of attack. It can be powerful, precise and fast. All of these parameters in conjunction with the other creates reality battlefield where each fighter is unique and dangerous.

Participation in tournaments, online battles, work, search for music, Chat and much more, making the game unique bouncer and a good tutorial for beginner athlete.