BumbleBee Race

Large and small cars do not pay attention to flying toward them bumblebee. Dodge them using the built-in accelerometer - the problem of the insect. Motorcycles also not a gift, they are also a good idea to learn how to dodge. If you just kiss and windshield mechanical monster too close - use the brake.

Acceleration - for those who are not afraid of anything and wants to save time. All these maneuvers eat up a lot of energy!

So do not forget to collect honey, without him live! Helmets will not be afraid of a single collision with the vehicle. Umbrella in the rain - the wings will not get wet, and steer in dry weather. Perform additional tasks allow you to get gold prizes.

Change of weather and time of day, new scenery along the roads and in the future for new adventures in the cities and forests.

Bumblebees can not cope without you! Download "bumblebee race" on Market mobile and happy flying!