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Arcade Bugs Fly

"Arcade Bugs Fly" is a fast, exciting and dynamic race in which you have to fly to victory through clever obstacles and tricks. In the game you will be able to use the arsenal of amazing gains and special items to help your pet to fly to victory. Buy new images for gold and collect crystals to improve your flyers. The combination of great animation, funny characters and damn tightening the gameplay will not let you tear yourself away from this game!


● Risk flying past obstacles to fill the turbo scale or press the brake to balance the flight before the next trap.

● Use gains such as a Protective Helmet and Umbrella. A magnet for coins and a doubler of coins will help to make a fortune.

● Lasers, fans, honeycombs, pipes, traps and many other surprises await the brave souls who can reach the very depths of the bee tunnel.

● Cars, motorcycles, trucks, wind, rain and lightning will wait for you in daily tasks and each new task will have its own rules of victory

● Take part in the rating race with other players and top the leaderboards.


● Simple control of the touchpad allows you to easily master "Arcade Bugs Fly", and you will want to return to the game again and again.

● A very exciting endless arcade race!

● Excellent optimization even on weak android devices

● User-friendly interface for each player

● A variety of different daily assignments with a reward

● Beautiful graphics and funky music in a cartoon style

● The game from the developers of the magnificent arcade "Bumblebee Race"

Heroes Tactics: Battle on the line

Extremely difficult tactic game of rounds

Use your talent and tactical abilities to hold back the waves of enemy. Conquer territory, strengthen positions, hire troops - here we go! Start this epic resistance in a minimalistic world!


● Great battles of dark knights with stunning visual effects in combination with an incredibly captivating strategic framework

● Create an ideal balance of attack and defense. There is no limit to the level of your skill

● A lot of options for team placement, you can experiment with combinations and strategies, try new moves on the line

● Take part in the rating race with other players and you can head the leaderboards.

Block Puzzle is a new addictive puzzle game. Easy to play and pleasurable game for all age. This addictive puzzle will entertain you on the way home and help you to spend your free time.

Block Puzzle is very simple and creative game, you need only drag blocks and fill out space on the map. You just need to start, and you're already on the hook. You can play games for FREE! more

Chess is one of the oldest games in the world. The game of chess we know today has been around for more than two and a half thousand years. Chess is an excellent pastime for logical and strategic thinking. more

Shake Islands is an arcade simulator with elements of strategy. In this game you will get awards and colctions allowing construction of original transport for travelling to the next island. more

Big clumsy bumblebee does not fly around like blades of grass, rocks and trees. He loves to fly there, with plenty of space for his large body, where you can even take a nap in the flight. So he takes off down the road. But it was in vain! Here he will not take a nap! His life depends on his agility and cleverness! more

Pouring juice into a glass - what could be easier!

But not now and not here. The speed and accuracy of the bartender will bring the success not only to this bar,

but also to many other outlets in the attractive places like an iceberg, volcano, underwater cave etc.

An ability to make special mixtures in the laboratory and an encyclopedic knowledge

about fruits, juices and syrups will help you to reach new heights faster. more

In this game a player is invited to participate in the fights as a bouncer, earn experience, improve skills and buy equipment.

The game combines the mechanics of social games (with its sociality, virality and focusing on the asynchronous gameplay) and traditional games.

Real exercises, attacks, online fights, tournaments will be interesting for everyone.